PopcornTime, the controversial torrent client for movies disguised as a Netflix-like streaming service, is today making its way to iOS without the need of a jailbreak, albeit without Apple’s official blessing and therefore using a workaround to get onto your device outside the App Store.

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Ever since we released iOS for jailbroken devices in September 2014, we’ve been wrecking our brains to find a solution that will enable iOS users who don’t want to jailbreak their device and use Cydia to also enjoy Popcorn Time on their iOS device. Our relentless pursuit for a solution led us to a fruitful collaboration with another group of brilliant developers who came up with the awesome solution of making an iOS installer.

The new iOS version goes beyond what was previously available on jailbroken Apple devices adding support for Apple TV and Chromecast streaming and a free built-in VPN that users can use to browse and watch movies anonymously.

Users will have to download “iOS installer” software to their Windows or Mac desktop (Mac support is arriving in the coming weeks), connect their iOS device using a USB cable and follow onscreen instructions to complete the installation. This means they are evading the normal App Store installation process, although the details are not clear.

Whether or not Apple, or perhaps the usual suspects going after movie piracy, will get this shutdown remains to be seen. But the people behind the project told us there is “no doubt” that it will be “a long journey, playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Apple.” They added that the team building the software installer for Popcorn Time on iOS are “ready for any obstacle Apple will throw their way.”

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