It’s the ultimate 1st world geek problem: you can’t explore all the capabilities of your shiny new Apple Watch because you’re such an early adopter none of your friends yet have one. Digital Touch – the ability to send taps, drawings or heartbeats to someone else – of course only works with other Apple Watches.

Fortunately, the ultimate geek solution exists: there’s a Reddit thread for that … 


r/lonelyheartbeats lets you post your email address so that strangers can send you taps, drawings or heartbeats.

Wired does warn that inviting strangers to send you digital drawings has predictable results, with Redditor nooshaw observing that drawings of male genitals are “the norm.” There are also all the usual risks of posting your email address on an open Internet forum, of course.

But if your Apple Watch is feeling lonely, and you really can’t wait for one of your friends to get one, both the Reddit thread and the website have you covered.

Apple just redesigned its interface guidelines website for Apple Watch app developers, which stresses that apps should focus on lightweight interactions rather than lengthy use.

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