One of the biggest complaints from users of Apple’s new streaming music service is that the user interface is often confusing and hard to navigate. The radio service, promoted as a standout feature of Apple Music, hardly gets front billing in the app, and non-techy users are often perplexed about where Apple Music and the radio service start and their own music collection ends. And what user inputs effect personalization in the app and where? To help answer some of these questions, Apple today published a series of Apple Music guided tours to help walk users through using the service.

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Included in the tour videos are walkthroughs of several Apple Music features including playlists and radio, and the various sections within the app like “My Music” where purchased tracks are stored, and “Connect”, artist managed pages where fans can connect directly with musicians and view exclusive content.

Apple published the videos today just as the first of its initial 3 month trials for Apple Music are set to expire on September 30. (Related: Ben’s Apple Music Diary: Decision time – is it worth the money?)

Head below for the videos:

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