Customers and employees at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York had somewhat of an interesting experience today. According to a report from ABC 7 NY, a man entered the store and headed to the iconic clear glass staircase and began waving around a samurai sword while screaming.

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He was then escorted out of the building, with Apple Store employees building a wall between him and the customers as a layer of protection. When he was outside in front of the store, the man allegedly went back to screaming and waving around his samurai sword. He was taken into custody by two New York Police Department officers. According to eyewitnesses, right before the man was taken into custody by the NYPD officers, he looked as if he was preparing to harm himself with the sword. The suspect was then taken to a New York City hospital.

The suspect’s name has not been released yet and no one in or around the Apple Store as injured. It’s still unclear at this time what the man’s motives were or if he meant any harm to himself or other shoppers. Apple has not commented on the issue, either.

You can view a video of the suspect waving the sword around inside the Apple Store by heading to ABC NY’s report. View a report from the scene below:

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