The British government is considering a proposal to give iPads to prison inmates so that they can continue their education when confined to their cells, and also keep in touch with family members via FaceTime and Skype.

The Telegraph reports that the recommendation was made by an adviser to the Ministry of Justice, and is being considered by Justice Minister Michael Gove. A spokesman said that the government wanted to improve educational opportunities so that prisoners were less likely to re-offend following their release.

There does appear to be some support for the idea … 


The plan is being considered by Dame Sally Coates, a former headteacher who is conducting a review of education in prisons for Mr Gove.

“If you haven’t got the skills to get a job, then you’re much more likely to reoffend,” she said.

Jerry Petherick, head of UK prisons for outsourcing giant G4S, said he believed that in-cell tablets would “become the norm”, but warned that strict controls would be needed to prevent further criminality.

Gizmodo suggested instead that if prisoners are there for punishment, they should instead be given 2010-spec Android tablets …

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