The discontinuation of the iPod Classic back in 2014 gave prices of used models a boost in the following holiday season, some models selling for up to four times the original price. A Guardian report says that collectors are now paying even more for some models, with special editions selling for as much as $90,000.

Terapeak, a company which tracks pricing of collectibles on eBay, […] found that classic iPods in their original packaging were priced at collectibles levels – one U2 special edition, Terapeak noted, sold in November for $90,000.


Most of the eBay links provided in the piece are to asking prices, not completed sales, so are not necessarily indicative of real values. But Terapeak has reported other startling sale prices, including $20k for a factory-sealed 5GB 1st-generation iPod Classic and $2,500 for a 2nd-gen 10GB Classic.

The bad news is that the really big bucks are reserved for unopened boxes, but if you have an early iPod in mint condition, it might be worth trying your luck on eBay.

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