Apple announces Swift Playgrounds for iPad allowing iOS users to play with Swift code on their device for the first time. Apple wants to bring many more people into coding; this is their solution. The app incorporates lessons and challenges — it’s very much a teaching tool.

Swift Playgrounds will be available in the App Store this fall; a developer preview is to be released later today. The app is completely free.

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The code appears on the left with a preview on the right. Appel has made many different tutorials to gradually explain to people how to learn Swift. This includes fully three-dimensional basic ‘games’ using Swift functions to control the character.

The tutorials and challenges get progressively more difficult and you can jump around from the very basics to advanced techniques. Apple showed a physics demo app involving emoji flying around the screen.

Apple has posted some guides on the iBookstore to help teach users how to navigate and use the Swift Playgrounds application.

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