If you care about audio quality even while you run or work out, Bang & Olufsen‘s latest wireless in-ear headphones may tick the box. The Beoplay H5 have a number of features aimed directly at fitness fans.

First, the cable is moulded directly into the rubber, which B&O says keeps the sweat out, to avoid corrosion in the electronics, while the earpiece housings are also moisture-resistant. Second, the shape has been ‘meticulously tested and improved’ to provide a snug fit no matter what shape your ear canal, so they shouldn’t fall out. Third, when you’re done listening, the two earpieces snap magnetically together, keeping the headphones locked safely around your neck …


Despite the tiny size, B&O has managed to squeeze in 6.4mm dynamic drivers with electromagnetic transducers. The digital sound processing chip is designed to provide the neutral sound you expect from the company, but you can adjust it to taste using the companion app.

B&O claims the 100mAH battery should last five hours, helped by the fact that they automatically power down when you snap the earpieces together.

As you’d expect, they aren’t cheap, but $249 is not a crazy price for B&O quality in wireless form. They are available in a choice of black and pink (sorry, ‘dusty rose’) from B&O’s Amazon store.

Via What Hifi

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