Asymco’s Horace Dediu has a great slant on news that Apple recently sold its billionth iPhone. He points out that not only does this make it the best-selling phone of all time, it actually long ago became the best-selling product ever …


The iPhone is not only the best selling mobile phone but also the best selling music player, the best selling camera, the best selling video screen and the best selling computer of all time. It is, quite simply, the best selling product of all time.

Nothing else he checked even comes close. Second position was taken by the Harry Potter series of books, whose 450M sales are mind-blowingly huge but still less than half those achieved by the iPhone in its nine-year history.

Other best-selling products don’t even come close – whether it’s the world’s best-selling car (VW Beetle, at 21.5M – note that Tesla took 400K pre-orders for its Model 3), or the top-selling games console (Playstation, at 382M).

Dediu’s full list of best-selling products in a range of categories is:

  • Car model: VW Beetle 21.5 million
  • Car brand: Toyota Corolla 43 million
  • Music Album: Thriller 70 million
  • Vehicle: Honda Super Cub 87 million
  • Book Title: Lord of the Rings 150 million
  • Toy: Rubik’s Cube 350 million
  • Game console: Playstation 382 million
  • Book series: Harry Potter Series 450 million
  • Mobile Phone: iPhone 1 billion

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