As expected, Apple today announced via Twitter the launch of Apple Music in Korea following the launch of the Israeli store just yesterday

The Apple Music store in Korea has the same 3 month free trial period after which users can sign up for $7.99 a month individual plans or $11.99 a month family plans, putting pricing in line with local services.

Apple Music is available in over 110 countries currently, although feature availability varies from country to country sometimes due to content rights in specific regions. Apple maintains a full list of availability on its website.

Apple Music has seen growth throughout 2016. In February, we learned that Apple Music had 11 million paid subscribers, then in April Apple Music reached 13 million subs before hitting 15 million in June. And the Apple Music experience is set to improve with a cleaner and clearer app design in iOS 10 and iTunes 12.5 in macOS Sierra.

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