Korea Stories January 21, 2019

Korea’s FTC – its Fair Trade Commission – has already found Apple guilty of unfair practices in its relationships with carriers. However, it promised to allow Apple the opportunity to respond, and has now done so.

Apple has reportedly accepted one part of the claim, but disputed another …

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Korea Stories April 9, 2018

An investigation by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) into alleged unfair practices by Apple is expected to result in the iPhone maker being fined, says a local report. Apple is accused of ‘dumping’ both advertising and repair costs on carriers.

It follows earlier fines for unfair contracts in both Taiwan and France …

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Korea Stories February 20, 2018

Apple achieved its highest ever market share in rival Samsung’s market of South Korea in Q4 2017. Apple’s share of the market climbed 3.3% year-on-year, while Samsung’s own share of the market fell by 9% in the same period …

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Korea Stories December 28, 2017

The controversy over Apple slowing down older iPhones in response to battery degradation doesn’t seem to be dying down.

Apple is facing a series of lawsuits over the issue, and it’s reported today that the equivalent of the FCC in Samsung’s home market of South Korea is now seeking an explanation from the iPhone maker …

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Korea Stories December 15, 2017

Apple confirmed back in January plans to open its first ever retail store in Samsung’s home city of Seoul, South Korea – close to the headquarters of Samsung.

A new report from Korea says that the store will open on December 30, with retail head Angela Ahrendts in attendance …

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Korea Stories August 4, 2016

Apple Music keeps rolling…out, this time to South Korea

As expected, Apple today announced via Twitter the launch of Apple Music in Korea following the launch of the Israeli store just yesterday

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