Included in iOS 10 are a variety improvements to the Health app, including new videos pertaining to various aspects of living a health lifestyle. Now, Apple has uploaded those videos to its YouTube channel, alongside a variety of other videos concerning today’s announcements.

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Apple has uploaded five Health videos to YouTube in total: Activity, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Sleep, and Everything’s Connected. While they all focus on different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, they carry a similar video style and purpose.

First is Activity, which encourages users to stand and move around throughout the day, even though we live in a world that’s becoming increasingly sedentary. As you would expect, Nutrition explains to users that becoming mindful of what they eat is important, noting that some days it’s better to eat a salad versus a burger.

Mindfulness remindsĀ users that “brains aren’t wired to be always-on” and that everyone needs to take a moment to relax and “calm your mind.” The next video, Everything’s Connected, focuses on the importance of improving all aspects of your health, not just one area. Finally, Sleep encourages users to ensure that the hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn’t get in the way of getting a good and restful night of sleep.

All five of today’s new videos can be seen below and are integrated into the iOS 10 Health app.

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