Tucked in Amazon’s big Black Friday news this morning was the announcement of a handy Package X-Ray feature for its iPhone shopping app. The app can now leverage your iPhone’s camera to reveal the contents of an Amazon delivery without having to actually open up the package or hunt down tracking numbers.

During the holiday season while you’re likely receiving multiple Amazon packages fairly regularly, this new feature will allow you to quickly sift through boxes so you can decide which ones need to be opened right away and which can wait. It’ll also allow you to keep presents concealed before you’re ready to start wrapping. No doubt this will add a bit of convenience to your Black Friday shopping this year … and it’s just cool technology.

It will only work on packages tied to your Amazon account so you don’t have to worry about your kids or spouse ruining any surprises (as long as you don’t share an account, that is).

Black Friday officially kicked off today at Amazon and is set to last longer than a month.

Amazon released a short promo video showing how Package X-Ray works:

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