Popular smart home accessory company Kwikset today made its latest keyless entry smart lock available for preorder. After being announced back at CES earlier this year, the Kevo Convert is now available for pre-order via Kwikset’s website for $149…

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The Kevo Convert is one the simpler smart locks on the market and that simplicity applies to the installation process, as well. The installation process of the Kevo Convert is relatively straightforward in the fact that you replace your current lock’s interior hardware, leaving the existing lock hardware the same on the outside of the door. Kwikset touts that the process can be completed “in minutes.”

Essentially, Kevo Convert controls your existing deadbolt by locking and unlocking it from the inside of your door with its own mechanism.

From there, you can use the existing Kevo app for iOS and Android to more securely enter your home and keep a log of everyone who comes and goes. With Kevo Convert, you can unlock your door via Bluetooth when nearby or via the internet when you’re away from the door itself.

Transform your existing deadbolt into a smart lock with Kevo Convert. Keep your existing deadbolt and make it smarter in a matter of minutes! Kevo Convert was made to protect your world from the inside out, with the latest security technology.

The Kevo Convert’s simplicity is reflected in its price, as well. Coming in at $149, the Convert is signficinaly cheaper than the second-gen Kevo, which goes for $229 on Amazon. The standard Kevo is more capable, however, in that it includes a new outer lock as well. That does complicate the install process somewhat, though.

The Kevo smart lock made headlines earlier this year when a flaw on Apple’s side caused the Bluetooth unlocking capability to stop working after iOS 10 was released. The issue was eventually fixed, however.

The Kevo Convert is available via Kwikset’s website now for pre-order, though you’ll be redirected to Home Depot’s website to complete the process. It’s unclear when the device will ship.

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