Spigen’s Kuel AP12T Car Mount is a well designed product that anyone in the market for an iPhone car mount should lend a serious look. It features a typical suction apparatus to make the mount stick your your car’s dash, but has several other notable features that make iPhone car mounting easy.

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  • One-touch button allows you to mount your iPhone with one hand
  • Squeeze-to-release mechanism for removing iPhone
  • Ball swivel head for 360 degree angle adjustment
  • Phone holder can ascend or descend up to 270 degrees
  • Accommodate phones up to 5.8 inches and extend up to 9.2-inches
  • Suction cup mount with adhesive gel pad
  • Cable holder for charging

The main reason that I like this car mount is that it allows me to mount my iPhone with a single hand. This is thanks to the one-touch button that causes your iPhone to be locked in place when pressed against the mount’s back plate. From there, it’s easy to adjust the iPhone in either landscape or portrait mode.

Video: hands-on with Spigen’s Kuel AP12T Car Mount

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The mount’s suction apparatus is strong enough to confidently hold my iPhone 7 Plus enclosed inside of an Apple Silicone Case, and it holds up well even when the unit is extended to its full length of 9.2 inches.

I mounted the Spigen Car Mount on the plastic textured dash in my car and it had no problem sticking to the surface. If you own a car with a leather dash, however, Spigen warns against mounting the holder on such a surface.

The flexibility and ease of use of this mount is what’s making me consider using it for the long haul. It’s easy to install, and easy to mount and unmount your iPhone with just a press of the one-touch button, or a press of the levers to remove.

Spigen does include a place to route a charging cable on the rear of the mount, and while this technically works, it’s difficult to get the cable inside and probably not an ideal solution if you care much about aesthetics.


Watch the full video walkthrough for a look into what’s included inside the box, how to assemble the mount, and how to stick it to your dash and adjust your iPhone while inside. It’s a pretty straightforward setup, and a great iPhone car mount solution.

As a side note, iPhone 7 Plus users have the benefit of having landscape mode support in places like the Home screen, but certain apps like Apple Music and Spotify still lack landscape support. This continues to baffle me, and makes the iPhone less usable while in landscape mode. Of course, this isn’t Spigen’s fault, but it’s worth mentioning anyway.

Do you use a car mount adapter for your iPhone while driving? Sound off with your thoughts and comments down below. You can find Spigen’s Kuel AP12T Car Mount on Amazon for less than $15 bucks.

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