Apple’s massive Campus 2 project has been years in the making and construction is on track to finally wrap up over the next few weeks. And thanks to the magic of drone technology and a few generous pilots, we’ve had a birds-eye view of the major progress on site this year. Now two new 4K drone videos offer a beautiful holiday snapshot at just how far along the progress has come…

Aside from how remarkably close the whole project is to being complete, the two new drone videos below show something rare for the under construction Campus 2 site: no activity.

Both videos were shot on Christmas Day when construction paused for the day to mark the holiday. That circular building structure seems perfect for a drone race on a day like that.

The first video shows the majority of solar installation complete and a lot of work continuing at the auditorium where future Apple events will be held while the second video takes us on a Christmas morning tour around Apple Campus 2 as it exists today.

Come this time next year, Apple should be moved in to the new headquarters with construction set to wrap up in the first quarter of next year and landscaping scheduled to be completed over the summer.

I have to imagine that all this beautiful 4K drone footage will stop spilling in after Campus 2 is open for business and Apple’s top secret operations begin, but who knows.

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