Workflow, the automation app recently acquired by Apple, has just released a new update with bug fixes and the return of Google Chrome and Pocket functionality. The actions which were originally pulled after the Apple acquisition, were added alongside the introduction of two new Apple Music features.

Following the acquisition, Apple made Workflow free and began refunding recent purchases of the app.  Soon after, the team behind Workflow made it clear that no further updates would be seen in the foreseeable future. That makes today’s update a small, but welcome surprise.

In the 1.7.4 update of Workflow, users will once again be able to use the Google Chrome and Pocket actions. For Chrome, this means being able to open specific URLs in the app. For Pocket, this means adding items or getting items from the Pocket reading list.

The new Apple Music actions added today bring the ability to both add and clear Apple Music’s Up Next queue. Combining these with a set of actions in Workflow can help automators quickly create Up Next playlists.


From Workflow’s What’s New page, today’s Cookies & Cream Popcorn update brings:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Restored the Google Chrome and Pocket actions
  • Add music to your Up Next queue with the Add Music to Up Next and Clear Up Next actions’
Workflow is available for free from the iOS App Store and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

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