Now that Apple’s online store has been refreshed after today’s WWDC keynote we’re seeing a variety of new accessories available. Among the notable new products is the wireless Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad.

Until now, Apple only offered its keyboard with numeric trackpad in a wired variant. Users were forced to decide between sticking with the wired option or spending more money to get a third-party numeric keypad add-on.

The new wireless Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad is available now for $129 and will likely please many Apple users. The new keyboard features a built-in rechargeable battery via Lightning port and the same styling and low travel key feel as the Magic Keyboard without numeric keypad.

Other new accessories that are available for purchase include new leather and silicone iPad cases, the new leather iPad sleeves, Apple Pencil case, as well as new leather and silicone iPhone cases.

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