A woman has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that she suffered a severe injury when a display bracket fell onto her arm during a visit to a Florida Apple Store …


Patently Apple spotted the court filing in which Lovey Love Harris claims that when an employee of the Wellington Green store went to reach for an iPhone case, a shelf bolder fell onto her arm.

The Apple Inc employee dropped a sharp metal shelf bolder on the Plaintiff’s left arm while locating an iPhone case for her iPhone.

This likely refers to the horizontal arms from which some products hang. These usually rely on a hook mechanism and gravity to hold them in a slot in the wall, but can be displaced if knocked or pushed upwards.

The woman is claiming that she sustained permanent injury as a result of the accident.

Plaintiff Lovey Love Harris was severely and seriously injured; suffered and will continue to suffer pain and injury; has become lame and disabled and upon information and belief, will be permanently injured.

The case, filed earlier this week, states that Harris has sought medical care, but makes no reference to medical evidence of the extent of the claimed injury.

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