Readdle has updated its email app Spark with new productivity features on both iOS and macOS. Spark now includes Send Later and Follow-up Reminders to make managing a busy inbox easier. Apple Watch is also getting a productivity boost thanks to Bear bringing its popular note-taking app to watchOS.

Both new Spark features let you deal with email on your own time starting with Send Later. This feature offers the ability to write an email now and hold it for sending until a specific time that you set. Readdle says this is ideal for communicating with people in different time zones as one example.

Responding to a message before you go to bed might put you at the bottom of someone’s inbox in the morning, but scheduling it for the beginning of the next work day can put your reply on top of the stack.

Follow-up Reminders is another new tool in Spark that makes your inbox more intelligent. This feature lets you set a reminder for emails that you reply to, then you can be alerted at a set duration if the recipient doesn’t respond without forgetting to follow-up.

Readdle’s Spark is free on both macOS and iOS.

And for note-takers, the popular Bear app has arrived on Apple Watch with these features:

  • Create new text notes simply by speaking to your Apple Watch. They’ll be transcribed into text and saved to Bear for iPhone
  • View your 10 most recent notes, including pinned notes
  • Annotate your 10 most recent notes with the sweet, sweet sound of your voice
  • Add the Bear complication to any Apple Watch face for one-tap note dictation. Bear will open straight to recording a new note

Hopefully Apple is inspired by what Bear has built and does something similar with its own Notes app which is absent from Apple Watch. Bear is free to download with in-app purchases on the App Store.

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