Apple and Tim Cook have spoken out about the company’s efforts to protect DACA employees in the past, and now it is taking another stance. According to Axios, Apple is among long list of companies who today have signed a brief in support of legally challenging Trump’s efforts to end DACA.

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Alongside Apple, companies such as Twitter, Google, Microsoft, IMB, and Lyft have expressed their support for for the challenge. The companies are backing an effort from several state Attorneys General that seeks an injunction to keep the federal government from ending the DACA program.

In a separate court filing, Apple’s VP of People Deirde O’Brien said the company employees over 250 DACA holders who help the company “excel at creating the most innovative products.”

These talented and entrepreneurial people fill important and varied roles across the company, including in operations, research and development, administration, sales and marketing, and retail. Apple and its customers have benefitted greatly from their intelligence, ambition, creativity, resilience, and hard work.

These employees are important contributors to Apple’s unique culture. That unique culture enables employees throughout Apple to do the best work of their lives and excel at creating the most innovative products and providing the very best customer service.

DACA is a program introduced during President Obama’s administration that gives children who were brought into the United States illegally the opportunity to remain if they’re registered and paying their taxes.

Tim Cook first expressed his support for the Dreamers working at Apple in September, saying they “deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values.” The CEO later addressed the issue in a company-wide email, saying that Apple would work with Congress on the issue.

The full list of companies backing the effort to stop Trump from ending DACA can be viewed here.

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