If you’ve ever been in the situation of knowing that you have the info you need in one of your gazzilion open Safari tabs, or you know that you saw it on a webpage recently but can’t remember which, there’s a couple of really easy shortcuts for searching …


Macdrifter spotted that you can search your open tabs by using the ⌘-Shift-\ shortcut, then simply typing your search term. As you can see from the screengrab above, this searches not just open tabs on the Mac you are using, but also those open on other devices.

There’s also a related shortcut for searching your recent Safari history: ⌘-Shift-/ opens up a search bar. Type your search term then mouseover the dates. Your History tab will open up, and highlight the matching pages.

If you have your own tips for lesser-known shortcuts in Safari or other popular apps, do share them in the comments.

Via DaringFireball

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