In celebration of the holiday season, Apple last night threw a Beer Bash event with singer Gwen Stefani. Apple generally throws these concerts as a perk to employees and on a semi-annual basis. Many employees in attendance last night took to Twitter to share the experience…

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Stefani performed songs off of her new holiday album, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” as well as many of her classic hits. Tim Cook took to Twitter to thank the artist for her show and touted that it was “B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

A huge thanks to Gwen Stefani for celebrating the holidays with us and performing from your new holiday album. It was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Earlier this year, Apple invited Stevie Wonder to its One Infinite Loop campus for a Beer Bash event in honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. In the past, Apple’s Beer Bash events have featured artists such as Pharrell Williams, while the Beer Bash at WWDC each year has featured artists such as Walk The Moon.

Of note, this Beer Bash was still held at One Infinite Loop, not Apple’s new headquarters. It’s unclear when the company will start hosting Beer Bash events at Apple Park, but we’d have to guess it happens sometime next year.

Check out a few more images and videos from Apple’s holiday Beer Bash right below:\_cook/status/939314928749461504

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