The Iconfactory has updated Twitterific 5 for iPhone to include a true black theme primarily aimed at iPhone X users. In addition to the visual appeal, OLED screens don’t need to power black areas, so it will also save battery-life …


Other visual enhancements include support for different avatar shapes – rounded rectangle, squircle, circle & square – and improved font size selections.

One major new feature is automatic poll detection, which looks for common poll markers, offering a new button at the bottom of the tweet. You can also tag a tweet with #poll or use a graph or ballot box Emoji at the beginning or end of the tweet.

In addition to bug fixes, a number of other enhancements have been made:

  • Muffle rules can now be deactivated without having to delete them and will automatically deactivate themselves after 60 days of inactivity
  • Muffle editor now shows totals for the number of active rules in each section and a grand total at the bottom of the screen
  • More improvements to smart invert
  • Now prefers to display the username on tweets if there isn’t enough space for both the username and display name
  • Added an unread indicator dot to tweets
  • Unified/improved the colors for the default themes
  • Added support for the Dynamic Type accessibility feature
  • Refreshed the More Actions icon
  • Quoted tweets now include a timestamp and respect the hidden thumbnail mode
  • The text of quoted tweets now flows around the media thumbnail (if any) to save vertical space
  • Avatars on profile views now render using your preferred avatar shape
  • Jolly Ollie

Twitterific 5 is a free download from the App Store, with in-app purchases. The app also returned to the Mac in October after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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