Satechi has today announced a new USB-C charging station for iPhone and Apple Watch called the “Smart Dual Charging Station.”

The Smart Dual Charging Station, which will come in space gray or silver, is the latest addition to Satechi’s USB-C accessory lineup.

Convenient for use with MacBook Pros and iMacs with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, the Smart Dual Charging Station offers a total of 15W of power to charge up your iPhone and Apple Watch quickly. Alternately, the charging station can be used with a USB-C power brick instead of a Mac.

The two docks on the Smart Dual Charging Station are customizable and include cable storage (bring your own Lightning/Apple Watch cable).

The Smart Dual Charging Station comes in at a reasonable $64.99 and will be available sometime this spring. Keep an eye on Satechi’s website and Amazon page.

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