From time to time I like to make certain folders on my macOS desktop stand out. For example, I use automation to move screenshots saved to my desktop directly to a special Screenshots folder. Since I’m always looking for the screenshots that I take, I decided to tint the folder purple to make it stand out amongst the other items on my desktop. Here’s how you can go about easily doing the same.

Synology RT2600ac: The AirPort Extreme replacement.

Step 1: Create a new folder.

Step 2: Right click on the folder and select Get Info.

Step 3: Select the image next to the name of the folder and select Edit → Copy.

Step 4: Open Preview and select File → New from Clipboard.

Step 5: In Preview, Click the Markup Tool Bar button followed by the Adjust Color button.

Video walkthrough

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Step 6: Use the sliders to adjust the color of the folder to your liking. If you wish to have more control over the color, you can use an app like Pixelmator or Affinity Photo.

Step 7: Once your changes are complete select Edit → Select All.

Step 8: Select Edit → Copy.

Step 9: Go back to the Info tab mentioned in Step 2 and select the image of the folder.

Step 10: Select Edit → Paste to paste the colored folder, which should alter the look of that single folder.


It’s easy to change folder color on a case by case basis using this handy how-to. It’s a great way to make significant folders stand out on a cluttered desktop. What method do you use to modify macOS folder color? Sound off in the comments below.

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