Apple has begun sending out a limited number of invitations to a developer workshop. It’ll be held next week at the Station F start-up incubator in Paris.

As spotted by Mac4Ever (translated), Apple has set up a workshop for what seems like a limited amount of attendees for next Friday, March 23.

The workshop is said to last two hours with the topic of app development and a focus on helping developers “improve and promote” their software.

Apple was previously thought to be setting up an official presence at the Station F start-up incubator back in September, however, that hasn’t happened quite yet.

Tim Cook did tour France last October though, to promote how valuable he believes learning coding to be.

On the topic of programming, Cook says he thinks it would be more important for a young French student to learn coding than English, because a programming language can reach seven billion people around the world. Cook clarifies that he doesn’t believe people shouldn’t learn English, but he thinks coding should be required to learn in schools around the world.

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