Apple’s senior director of Siri, Alex Acero, will be speaking at the upcoming AI Frontiers conference this fall. The event is slated to take place from November 9th through November 11th at the San Jose Convention Center in California…

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The AI Frontiers conference focuses on technology such as virtual assistants, autonomous driving, robots, deep learning, natural language processing, and much more. It features a slew of different speakers from companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Uber, and more.

According to the event’s schedule,¬†Acero will lead a discussion about Siri’s use of deep learning:

Siri brought personal assistants to the mainstream after its introduction in 2011 in the iPhone. Deep learning is powering many components in Siri: trigger word detection, large vocabulary recognition, text-to-speech, machine translation, and natural language understanding. In this talk I will show a few examples of how deep learning is used in Siri.

Acero joined Apple after 20 years at Microsoft. He’s responsible for speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine translation:

Alex Acero is Senior Director in the Siri team in charge of speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine translation. Prior to joining Apple, he spent 20 years at Microsoft Research managing teams in speech, computer vision, NLP, machine translation, machine learning, and information retrieval.

More information about the AI Frontiers conference can be found here. It is slated to take place from November 9th through November 11th, with Acero’s discussion being held on the first day.

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