Accuweather iOS app will soon recommend weather-appropriate places to visit

A partnership with Foursquare will soon see the Accuweather iOS app recommend local places to visit, based on hyperlocal weather forecasts …

Ultimately, this feature will be able to proactively ping users and suggest places to go based on their location at that time and the current weather forecast. Need to wait out the rain? How about the highly rated coffee shop next door. Record-breaking scorcher? The app will tell you that there’s a tiny strip of beach or public pool around the corner.

It’s made possible by a Foursquare SDK, explains Accuweather.

We are now able to make the weather forecasts we provide even more actionable by tying weather and place together. By embedding Foursquare’s location intelligence into our core products, AccuWeather will be able to keep users safe and more prepared than ever before by giving them a physical understanding of what is around them, especially during times of severe weather.

Foursquare business data is also included in Apple Maps.

Recommendations will include all local amenities, but advertisers will be able to push targeted ads to you. For this reason, and because it requires access to your Foursquare location data, recommendations will be available on an opt-in basis.

For example, a fast food chain with a new line of salads can reach people who frequently visit gyms, hiking trails or organic shops, or an auto brand with a family friendly SUV can connect with people who visit baby stores, schools and toy stores.

Although recommendations use your location history, Foursquare says that this is anonymized before it is shared.

Accuweather was one of the apps we recommended in our recent roundup of the best weather apps. It’s a free download from the App Store, with optional in-app purchases.

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