I’m a big fan of our Neato Botvac D7 Connected robot vacuum cleaner. At 8.40am each weekday, it vacuums the entire apartment automatically, and does a great job of it. But it still needs to be manually emptied every couple of days, something iRobot has solved with its latest Roomba model …


The Roomba i7+ is essentially an automatic vacuum cleaner that comes with … an automatic vacuum cleaner.

Instead of a simple charging dock, there’s a large built-in bin with its own suction unit. When the Roomba completes a clean and docks, the dirt is sucked from its own bin to the much larger bin in the charging station. That bin has enough capacity for 30 Roomba loads, which means it’ll only need emptying once a month if you run it every day.

Engadget reports that the i7+ is also smarter than earlier versions. Once it’s learned the layout of your home, you can label individual rooms and tell it to clean specific ones.

The Roomba i7+ goes on sale on September 12 for $949, including the Clean Base dock. If you can’t lay out that much cash in one go, you’ll also be able to buy the i7+ for $699 and add the Clean Base later for $299. Sadly the Clean Base isn’t compatible with existing models.

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