Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign has grown tremendously over the years with everyday users tweeting pictures or videos on Twitter and Instagram. Today, Apple is sharing a compilation of photos and videos shot on iPhone XS using the new Depth Control.

This latest compilation comes after Apple touted real images from XS users earlier this month.

Photographers from around the world are capturing stunning photographs on iPhone XS using Portrait mode, taking advantage of its new Depth Control feature that makes it possible to adjust the depth of field to create photos with a sophisticated bokeh effect. An update coming soon brings Depth Control to real-time preview, allowing photographers to change the amount of background blur before the shot is taken.

The update, as we know, will be iOS 12.1 which is slated to be released soon. Regardless, the shots taken from iPhone XS with the current public release are still really good.

We went hands on with the new Depth Control feature on iPhone XS, check out our results here.

The new Depth Control feature is an exclusive to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

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