Forbes along with Just Capital are out with a new rankings report today, detailing America’s best corporations to work under. The key factors to high marks here are employee treatment (25% scoring weight) and customer treatment (18% scoring weight). However, a handful of other humane factors are at play here, such as “environment” “products”, “leadership”, and more.

Microsoft took the top spot overall, with Google’s Alphabet coming in third. Apple, however, landed 16th overall and 300th in “workplace communities”.

Forbes provides a brief but thorough explanation as to why this list was put together.

Which companies are the best at doing right by America? To find out, Forbes partnered with Just Capital, which asked 81,000 Americans about what they most want to see from the nation’s biggest businesses. The most popular answers? Pay workers fairly; treat customers well and protect their privacy; produce quality products; minimize their environmental impact; give back to the communities they operate in; commit to ethical and diverse leadership; and create abundant job opportunities.

With those seven priorities in mind, we ranked 890 of America’s largest publicly-traded companies to determine which are the best corporate actors. The result of this data-crunching: the 2019 Just 100. These are the 100 companies that are taking the public interest into their owns hands and generating better returns for themselves and society in the process.

In previous years, Apple landed 34th overall in 2017 and moved up to their current 16th spot position.

As to how the company earned their ranking this year, Just Capital thoroughly breaks down the data they compile before reaching the figures they publish.

A screenshot showing Apple with strengths in workers, environment and employment rate

The full data from the report per each company can be throughly combed through here, however, if you’re wondering how Microsoft secured #1 with Apple seemingly so far behind, it’s because Microsoft ranks within the top 5 of “company leadership and shareholders”, “environment”, “jobs”, “customers”, and “workers”.

It’s important to note that these rankings are industry wide, and not merely related to technology companies exclusively. If you do sort by “technology hardware” companies, Apple ranks second overall behind Cisco (Microsoft is classified as a software company here).

Do you think this is a fair assessment of Apple?


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