Apple Pay now supports dual-network debit cards in Australia. This enables users to avoid credit card fees at merchants that support eftpos (electronic funds transfer) at point of sale.

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For now, this feature only applies to Australia where dual-network cards are quite common. The default Visa payment often sees customers incurring fees that they could otherwise avoid using physical cards.

The Choose Payment Option feature enables an Apple Pay user to select at time of purchase whether they want to use Visa or eftpos on their dual network cards.

Adding a dual-network card is the same as adding any other bank card to Apple Pay; just use the Wallet app on the iPhone.

If you have already setup Apple Pay, to see the new payment option interface, you will need to delete your current dual-network card and add it again.

From there, you can tap on your card and see a new control that lists the possible payment options, if there are multiple. By default, this will be set to Visa. You can simply tap to select the new default payment option.

To change to eftpos on Apple Watch, double-click the side button to bring up the Apple Pay UI. Then, firmly press on the display to bring up a picker menu of payment networks for the selected card.

eftpos is not compatible with overseas transactions, when making payments outside Australia, or Apple Pay on the web. Apple Pay in Australia will automatically select Visa payment in the latter case, but users will need to remember to switch manually from eftpos to Visa when travelling abroad.

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