Ikea has today revamped its smart home TRADFRI line, adding new smart bulbs, light panels, and more. The update to the TRADFRI line comes ahead of the rumored launch of Ikea’s HomeKit blinds later this year.

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As detailed by HomeKit Hero, Ikea has added several new products to its TRADFRI range of accessories. There’s a new filament style light bulb that comes in the A19/E26 size, which retails for $15.99. This bulb offers three different color temperatures, ranging from warm to cold light. It’s rated for brightness of up to 806 lumens.

There’s also a new candelabra E12 base color and white light bulb, with 650 lumens of brightness. It retails for $19.99, allows you to choose between nine different colors, and is designed for smaller spots such as fans and light fixtures. Ikea has also updated its TRADFRI starter kits to include these new bulbs. Prices for the kits start at $69.99.

Rounding out the new products is the release of Ikea’s Floalt light panels in the United States. These panels are similar to competing products from companies like Nanoleaf and LIFX, and are available in three different sizes. For $69.99, you can get a square light panel measuring 12-by-12 inches that offers 650 lumens of brightness. A larger square option at 24-by-24 inches is available for $129 and puts out 2,800 lumens. Lastly, the Floalt rectangle light panel comes in at 12-by-35 inches for $129. The Floalt light panels offer three different color temperatures, including warm glow, warm white, and cool white.

Lastly, evidence in the Ikea app suggests that the company is also working on an outdoor motion sensor. Details on this accessory, however, are unclear at this point.

Ikea’s new TRADFRI HomeKit accessories are not yet available in all areas, but the company’s website suggests that they will roll out to stores starting later this month into August. Ikea’s highly anticipated smart blinds are also expected to launch in August, with the price starting at just over $100.

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