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iOS Devices Stories July 23

iOS security researcher Will Strafach agrees Apple can do more in combating NSO

iOS security researcher Will Strafach agrees with a recent claim that Apple can do more when it comes to combating NSO and others who exploit combat zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS. It follows a report by Amnesty International that said that NSO spyware Pegasus was being used to mount zero-click attacks against human rights activists, lawyers, […]

iOS Devices Stories August 28, 2012

A look at accessories for the smaller dock connector reportedly featured on the next-generation iPhone

Several rumors and leaks have pointed to the next-generation iPhone as having an updated, smaller dock connector. With the updated connector, this will force many accessory manufacturers to make changes to their lineup. iLounge just shared a first look at some accessories for the new dock connector. One of the accessories leaked is from company Scosche. You […]

iOS Devices Stories August 30, 2012

App Store updated within iOS 6: new search result layout, Genius recommendations turned on and more (video)

The App Store on iOS 6 beta, which is software currently only available to those a part of Apple’s Developer Program, scored a nice little update this evening. Most notably: the layout when searching for an app was given a considerable redesign. It now displays apps in swipeable cards on both the iPhone and iPad. […]

iOS Devices Stories September 1, 2012

Sharp’s IGZO on display at IFA Berlin: better touch sensitivity, smaller bezels [Gallery/Video]

We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Sharp today at its IGZO display booth. While they would not say which Apple products would incorporate their new displays, they did seem to insinuate these were the best displays on the market, and Apple is the type of company that uses the best […]

iOS Devices Stories December 18, 2013

Jordan’s holiday gift guide – the perfect companions to your Mac & iOS setup

We’ve already heard from Michael, Zac, and Ben on their last minute gift picks for the holiday season. For my gift guide, I’ve decided to only include products that I’ve personally been using on a daily basis. I review a lot of products in all of these categories, and below you’ll find only the best […]

iOS Devices Stories December 25, 2013

Essential apps for decking out your new Mac — the best software and utilities

If you’ve been fortunate enough to unwrap a new Mac over the holidays or need help deciding how to use those iTunes gift cards, I’ve collected some of my favorite apps and utilities for taking your Mac to the next level. Pixelmator Pixelmator is one of my favorite Mac apps. For someone interested in design […]

How to spend your iTunes credit this holiday season — the best apps and games for iPhone and iPad

Whether you are just unwrapping a new iPhone or iPad or have received stacks of iTunes gift cards this holiday season, you are undoubtedly on the hunt for the best apps to fill up your shiny iOS devices. Read on for my recommendations of the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch […]

iOS Devices Stories May 1, 2014

OS X 10.10 emphasis planned for WWDC, iOS 8 features pushed to iOS 8.1, new Apple TV still in the works

Apple may be planning to give the next version of the Mac OS X operating system, 10.10, a larger presence than iOS 8 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, according to sources with knowledge of the plans. Because OS X 10.10 will feature an end-to-end redesign, not dissimilar from the scope of the changes to the […]

iOS Devices Stories April 24, 2014

Opera’s Coast browser adds iPhone support, adds iCloud syncing of bookmark tiles

Opera first launched Coast back in September 2013, on the iPad. Although it didn’t make a huge impression on the App Store first time around, Opera is probably hoping its new version will be more popular.

The app has been fully reworked for the iPhone size. There are hardly any buttons onscreen; the app relies almost exclusively on gesture-based navigation.

iOS Devices Stories May 24, 2014

How-to: Conserve battery power on your iOS devices

Since the introduction of smart devices, battery power has been and still remains a precious commodity. In this article we will review many of the features and settings of iOS devices that impact battery life, and make recommendations about how to conserve power.

One important thing to keep in mind is that battery life is complex, and the impact of one setting for a specific user may not always reflect the impact of that same feature on another user’s device. It’s also important to note that after you make any changes, be sure to charge your iOS device on a wall charger overnight. This full charge is often needed before any changes will be effective.

iOS Devices Stories September 23, 2012

More Maps: Developer hacks Google maps onto iOS 6 as Apple rumored to be poaching Google Maps folks

The fun did not stop in the iOS 6 maps brouhaha this weekend as a number of items hit the Web. Perhaps most interesting, iOS hacker Ryan Perrich claimed to have gotten Google’s map tiles to work on iOS 6 Maps. If true, it might alleviate some of the growing pains iOS 6 users are facing. Next […]

iOS Devices Stories October 1, 2012

Duo Gamer to release wireless game controller for iDevices

Today Duo Gamer announced “Gamer Controller” for Apple iDevices. The game controller will attempt to bring a more console-esque gaming experience to mobile Apple devices. The controller connects via bluetooth allowing the user to “kick-back” and really settle into their gaming session. Duo Gamer partnered with Gameloft on this project and as a result this […]

iOS Devices Stories September 18, 2012

iPhone 5 reviews released: ‘Impossibly light but solid feel, iOS is speedy on the expansive screen’

[tweet] Engadget: [viddler id=82e97344 w=545 h=307] The iPhone 5 is a significant improvement over the iPhone 4S in nearly every regard, and in those areas that didn’t see an upgrade over its predecessor — camera, storage capacity — one could make a strong case that the iPhone 4S was already ahead of the curve. Every […]

iOS Devices Stories July 11, 2012

Griffin’s MIDIConnect interface for iOS devices now available

We recently brought you a full review of Griffin’s StudioConnect audio/MIDI interface and dock for iPad, and the company is now announcing availability of the device’s little brother, the MIDIConnect. Rather than give you an almost full-fledged audio interface for the iPad, like StudioConnect, MIDIConnect simply provides standard 5-pin MIDI in and out. MIDIConnect is available through Griffin for $79, which is about half the price of the StudioConnect.

Nashville, TN – July 10, 2012Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, is excited to announce the availability of MIDIConnect, a MIDI in and out interface for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

“MIDIConnect offers musicians a compact and portable solution to create and edit music on the go, at a fraction of the cost of a recording studio,” said Ethan Opelt, Line Manager of Griffin’s Audio category. “We are excited to be showcasing MIDIConnect as well as Griffin’s lineup of music products at Summer NAMM, taking place in Nashville, our home town.”

MIDIConnect adds a MIDI input and output to iOS devices. Intuitive to use, MIDIConnect allows you to plug MIDI keyboards and other MIDI-capable devices into an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. Play your MIDI instrument straight into GarageBand or other MIDI-capable apps, or download MIDI Controller apps to use the MIDI out port and your touchscreen in performance, as a MIDI controller. Both MIDI in and out ports are industry-standard 5-pin DIN connectors, compatible with most commonly available MIDI cables and connectors.

iOS Devices Stories October 20, 2012

Apple’s smaller iPad to likely start at a minimum of $329 in the U.S.

Apple’s entry price for its upcoming smaller iPad is between the base model of the new, fifth-generation iPod touch ($299) and the currently shipping WiFi-only 16GB iPad 2 ($399). According to our sources, the base model of the smaller iPad will likely be priced at a minimum of $329 in the United States.  Two higher […]

iOS Devices Stories June 25, 2013

Siri Eyes Free comes to entry-level cars in Europe: the Opel Adam

If we needed any evidence that Siri Eyes Free is likely to become either standard fitment or a low-cost option in a lot of new cars within a year or so, Opel has announced that it is now available as a €300 ($394) option on the Opel Adam, an entry-level car whose pricing starts at […]

iOS Devices Stories June 21, 2013

Apple patent application describes fingerprint sensor tech rumored for iPhone 5S

There have been no shortage of fingerprint sensor rumors surfacing since Apple acquired Authentec last year. According to several reports from analysts, including the often reliable Ming-Chi Kuo and the not as reliable Topeka Capital analyst Brian White, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is likely to include a fingerprint sensor. We’ve discussed how it could certainly make […]

iOS Devices Stories April 7, 2014

30-second smartphone charge demonstrated using biological semiconductors

I’d find this video hard to believe were it not for its credentials. The WSJ reports that StoreDot, the start-up behind the technology, has its background in the Nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University, and it’s been demonstrated at Microsoft’s Think Next conference. Ultra-fast battery charging has been seen before, but using special (and not very portable) battery technology. This […]

iOS Devices Stories March 26, 2014

iOS 7.1 glitch allows stock apps to be hidden on the Home Screen

In what feels like an annual affair, somebody has once again found a glitch with the iOS Home Screen. The bug allows users to place folders inside folders on the iOS 7 Springboard, which is normally not possible. With a certain configuration of steps, the bug can also make apps disappear from the Home Screen entirely. For instance, you could hide some of the stock Apple apps (like Compass or Voice Memos) that normally can’t be removed.

iOS Devices Stories April 7, 2014

Everything to know about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Roundup + New Details)

While Apple only officially announced its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, we have been reporting all of the known information about what Apple plans to unveil at the event over the course of the past few months. Now that WWDC is official, we have compiled a roundup of everything we know about Apple’s next-generation […]

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