There’s a piece of news from that someone inserted the wrong passcodes for 5 times and got the notification, “iPhone is disabled, try again in 23614974 minutes!” That is really unbelievable! 23614974 minutes is about 45 years! You may think it’s a prank. But it did happen on that poor guy and he at last went to the Apple Store and got the iOS system reinstalled. And it turns out that the problem is caused by jail-breaking and changing of iOS system.

iphone is disabled
iPhone is disabled (edited from “5 minutes”)

What will it be like if insert wrong passcode successively on normal iPhone or iPad?

As the journalist and Apple Store staff tested, if you insert the wrong passcode for 1 to 5 times, there will only be red notifications saying the passcode is wrong, and you needn’t wait to give it another try.

For the 6th time you insert a wrong passcode, it will report, “iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute”. And the phone will be locked, and you won’t be able to insert passcode again until 1 minute later.

For the 7th time, the iPhone will show, “iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 minutes”.

For the 8th time, the iPhone will be locked for 15 minutes, and for the 9th time, it will be locked for 60 minutes to insert passcode again.

If you insert the wrong passcode for 10th time, the iPhone will be disabled and you will have to connect it to iTunes to unlock.

How to fix it if your iPhone is disabled?

If your iPhone is disabled and has to be connected to iTunes, you can connect it to an authorized computer, and the Enter Passcode window will show again. If you insert the right passcode this time, your iPhone will be all right again.

If you forget the passcode completely, I’m afraid that the only way to make it back to work is to reinstall. But everything on the iPhone will be erased completely. If you’ve backup something with iTunes before, you can still recover some of them to the iPhone again. If you haven’t backup anything, there’s some possibility that you may get back some information with data recovery tools lilke iFonebox, but the big chance is that you can’t get back anything since the data is erased completely.


At last, concluded the Miss Zhang from the Apple Store, the reason why Apple made the passcode process like that is to protect data in case the iPhone or iPad is stolen. So the best way to avoid all those bad possibilities to be happen is to remember your passcode tightly.

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