iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as every phone with big and tall screen, have reaching problem, your fingers are too short to reach buttons at the top of the screen.
As a solution, Apple invented Reachability – you tap twice on Home button and the interface moves down – so your finger now can reach top buttons. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect, requires too many taps and users end up simply using a second hand.
The other day Apple presented iOS 9 with Split View feature for iPad, which resizes apps and allows to show two of them at a time.
What made me wonder, what if Reachability mode on iPhone 6 was able to resize apps to iPhone 5 height (leaving same width), making them more convenient for continued use, like shopping for groceries with the Reminders app. In fact iPhone 6 Plus is so tall, so it could have a video view at the top of the screen.
I created this concept to show how it looks, what do you think?

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