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ManyThing, the cloud video service that lets you use old iOS devices as smart cameras, reports that thieves have been captured by recordings from iOS devices three times this month.

In one case, thieves who broke into an Oklahoma City home, seemingly targeting Apple products, didn’t realise that the iPhone they stole was recording them at the time. Although the thieves took the camera, the footage had already been uploaded to the cloud, allowing the homeowner to pass the footage on to the police. Police are currently trying to identify the thieves.

In two other cases recorded by ManyThing, arrests have already been made. The above video shows a UK thief who was quickly identified by police and arrested.

From the recorded footage the police were able to see exactly what he had picked up and so knew where his fingerprints would be–something that the forensics team were very happy with. Because of the quality of the video the police were also able to ID him in a matter of hours.

The case has now been heard and the thief locked away. Due to the evidence from the video clip, he was advised to plead guilty, meaning the homeowner didn’t have to go to court.

The ManyThing app is a free download from iTunes, and cloud recording is also currently free of charge. Once the service goes commercial, you’ll still be able to get free recording of the most recent 12 hour period.


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