Editors Keys, the company behind slick custom keyboards for Mac apps like Logic Pro and Final Cut, today announced its latest custom keyboard–The Twitter Keyboard:

Editors Keys will today be launching a brand new shortcut keyboard for Twitter, which they believe will change the way social media managers, artists and businesses use twitter forever.

The new keyboard can increase your social media engagement by over 60%, saving time and money for individual users and businesses that spend a large amount on marketing budget for Twitter.

The keyboard can also be used as a regular typing keyboard. It helps to make interacting with your twitter fans faster by allowing super fast actions such as ‘Share Selfie’ , ‘Report Troll’ and ‘Unfollow 100 inactive users’ shortcuts. Love tweeting celebrities? Well there are also dedicated buttons for tweets directed at Kim kardashian and Justin Bieber.

More on the $70 Editors Keys Twitter keyboard on the company’s website.

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