Editors Keys today announced the first ever wireless shortcut keyboard for Apple’s recently released Logic Pro X audio suite.  The keyboard sports 150 shortcuts and the company notes it was also able to fit in some extra shortcuts as icons sitting behind the text on each key. Perhaps the best part of the new Logic Pro X keyboard is the fact that Editors Keys used an actual Apple wireless keyboard for the product, which means you’ll be able to swap out your current Apple keyboard without sacrificing the look and feel. The company says it worked with the Logic Pro X community to develop the best experience possible for users: 

Editors Keys worked with the Logic Pro X Community to create a new style of Logic Keyboard, which not only makes it faster to edit within Logic, it also makes it easier to understand.

“It’s great working with the audio community to create a new product. You encounter issues from a ‘real world editor’ perspective that you just can’t obtain from the office. The feedback and testing has been priceless.” Says Mark Brown – Company Director of EditorsKeys.com

While Editors Keys and others have had similar shortcut keyboards available for previous versions of Logic Pro, the latest version introduces new quick keys and functions that make it difficult to use with the old keyboards. Editors Keys is selling the Logic Pro X keyboard from its website for $179/£109. You can check out our full Logic Pro X review here.

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9 Responses to “Editors Keys turns Apple’s wireless keyboard into the first Logic Pro X shortcut keyboard”

  1. This is a joke… right? This isn’t a “new” product. $100 dollar premium for key labels?


    • Jordan Kahn says:

      Nope, not a joke. Anyone that’s used sticker or overlay products or even some of the other Logic keyboards that don’t use an official wireless Apple keyboard will appreciate this. This is also the first for the new Logic Pro X. I’ll agree the price is a little on the high side, but the product is very well done. I’ll have a full review in the near future.


  2. Wait, is this a new Keyboard or a set of stickers? I’ve never seen an Apple keyboard with such a weird return key.


  3. Jim Hall says:

    I bought their “Premier Logic X” wired Keyboards which is just like an Apple keyboard with great permanent Logic X key commands EXCEPT….it has a non standard shift key on the left side which is a total PITA and causes constant mis typing. Before that I bought their “Premier Logic 9″ keyboard that had THE APPLE/COMMAND KEY AND THE CONTROL KEY back to front so you couldn’t use it “by feel” which is how we all use a keyboard. What’s with Logic Keyboard trying to reinvent the wheel? Be wary of non standard layouts they are a pain.