Logitech announced its 720p HD Wi-Fi Broadcaster webcam that wirelessly transmits to any Mac, iPhone, or iPad just last month, and we at 9to5Mac were able to get our hands on a review unit and have been testing it thoroughly over the last few days.

The webcam is specifically geared toward “video professionals, bloggers and hobbyists,” as it allows instant live streaming with Ustream and gives users the ability to toggle between the device and their computer’s built-in camera for second-angle POV shooting. The webcam is further compatible with most popular Mac video applications, such as QuickTime, PhotoBooth, iMovie, FinalCut Pro, FaceTime, iChat, Skype, etc., and it transmits from up to 50 feet away. Oh, and it comes with a plastic carrying case that doubles as a stand.

For more than the basic spec rundown above, check out the video and hands-on review below. Then, when you’re done, pick one up at Amazon for $199—you will not be disappointed. The Broadcaster is an ideal Christmas gift for any loved one or friend who is heavy into vlogging, YouTubing, live streaming, or even podcasting with Google Hangouts.


The hands-on review and gallery are below.

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