Russian jeweller offers the most bizarre customized Apple Watches you’ll ever see, for $3000

Someone, somewhere not only has no aesthetic taste, but also feels an inexplicable need to pay tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin – or so Russian jewellery brand Caviar apparently believes. It has released a limited edition customized model which features an embossed dot pattern inscribed with Putin’s signature, the Moscow skyline and the state emblem on the digital crown.

If you are nostalgic for the Soviet Union days, you could opt instead for the USSR Lenin model (complete with engraving of Lenin’s mausoleum) or the Tsar Peter the Great model featuring Russian palaces.

Each costs around $3,000. Rather scarily, Business Insider reports that the company’s previous line of gold Putin cases for the iPhone sold out shortly after going on sale …

If you’re looking for the gold plate without the, er, extras, there are a range of options for transforming a steel Watch into a gold one.