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Introduced in 2010, the iPad was Apple’s “next big thing” following the success of the iPhone. Software-wise, it runs iPadOS, the big sister of the mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, with features and optimizations only available on the tablet computer.

iPad is currently available in five Retina display screen sizes: 7.9-inch, 9.7-inch, 10.59-inch, 11-inch, and 12.9-inch. The 12.9″ and 11″ Pro models were last updated in early 2020. The 10.9″ Air was updated in September of 2020. The mini was last updated in 2019 as well. The 9.7″ iPad was last updated in September of 2020.

The tablet is at the heart of Apple’s education strategy. For enterprise customers who deploy it in mass, they use mobile device management products like Jamf and Apple Configurator to manage them.

It’s pitched as an “everything machine” in that it can be used for work, play, and everything in between. Official accessories include the Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, Apple-branded cases, Apple Pencil 2, Apple Pencil 1, and the Magic Keyboard.

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iPad Stories November 30

How to view, cancel, and renew subscriptions on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever signed up for a subscription through Apple and forgotten about it? Or maybe you want to cancel a trial right after signing up so you don’t forget, or start back up with one that previously expired. Follow along for how to view iPhone subscriptions as well as cancel and renew them.

Update: Follow along for how to fix the Apple One cancelation bug and other related issues.

Get cash in the best iPhone, iPad, and MacBook trade in deals for December 2020

The holiday season is here, so perhaps you’re thinking about upgrading your suite of personal devices — or maybe you want to help a loved one do so. Whatever it is you’re planning to buy — a new iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device — it’s not an uncommon problem to not know what to do with the old devices you have laying around. Why not get some cash for them? The best trade deals for December 2020 below…

iPad Stories November 23

How to print from your iPhone and iPad with or without AirPrint

Whether you’ve just gotten your first iPhone or iPad or have had iOS devices for a long time and need a quick refresher, it’s useful to know how to print directly from your device. Read on for several options for how to print from iPhone and iPad.

iPad Stories November 19

Apple is donating a total of 2,500 iPads and Macs to Boys & Girls Clubs across the US through its Community Education Initiative. The company says that the devices are intended to help with coding classes and more.

Apple cites an example of an Atlantic City STEAM training program – an enhancement of STEM to include the arts: science, technology, engineering, art, and math …

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iPad Stories November 17

LumaFusion, which is in my opinion the best and most powerful video editing app available for iOS devices, recently received a big update that accommodates 10-bit HDR workflows. The version 2.4 update, which is free to existing LumaFusion customers, allows iPhone 12 HDR video shooters to import and export 10-bit HDR video.

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iPad Stories November 5

iPhone 12 Pro orders are now slipping into late November and early December. Apple was reportedly taken by surprise by demand levels for the more expensive of the two models which went on sale last month.

One reason for the extended production times is said to be shortages of one or two specific components in the Pro models …

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