iPhone sales forecast Stories November 18, 2015


A Goldman Sachs investment note argues that Apple has huge potential for generating more recurring revenue, suggesting an opportunity to generate an additional $7.6B a month, reports Business Insider. The company points to the rumored Apple TV subscription service as one future source of monthly revenue.

In a recurring revenue framework, we have constructed an average revenue per user (ARPU) metric that captures the installment plan pricing of the iPhone ($32/month), assumed installment plans for the other hardware products, and services (e.g. Music at $10/mo, TV at $40/mo) … 

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iPhone sales forecast Stories April 11, 2013


Fortune reports that Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has taken the unusual step of revising her estimates for the current quarter, predicting that Apple will sell more iPads (up 11 percent), fewer iPhones (down 11 percent) and fewer Macs (down 3 percent).

Analysts adjusting their estimates on the basis of supply-chain data and rumors is nothing new, but it’s an unusual step for Huberty, who generally issues a single forecast the day after the previous quarter’s figures are reported and then sticks with it for the full three months … expand full story

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