Oracle finally releases first Java Developement Kits for Mac OS X

When Apple confirmed in 2010 that it would no longer support Java for OS X, it also announced shortly after an agreement with Oracle to include OS X support in future versions of its OpenJDK Project to provide Java SE 7 implementation on Macs. Over a year later, Oracle has now released Java SE 7 Update 4 and JavaFX 2.1 with the first JDK to land with OS X support (via MacRumors):

This release marks Oracle’s first delivery of both the Java Development Kit (JDK) and JavaFX Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mac OS X. 

– Java developers can now download Oracle’s JDK, which includes the JavaFX SDK, for Mac OS X from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). 

– Oracle plans to release a consumer version of Java SE 7, including the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Mac OS X later in 2012.

Following the original announcement in 2010, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs explained that his company’s practice of shipping a version of Java behind Oracle as possibly “not be the best way to do it.” Of course, Apple has patched several vulnerabilities in Java in recent weeks that have lead to an outbreak of malware on Macs. That vulnerability was patched by Oracle in February, months before OS X users received it.