September 21 Stories October 17, 2012

Supply shortages notwithstanding, 59 analysts predict 26.3M (mean) iPhones sold in Q4

Apple has been selling iPhone 5’s as fast as they can make them since its mid-September launch. However, pre-order delays and retail shortages related to manufacturing troubles meant Apple was a little shy of the 10 million units predicted by analysts for opening weekend. We know Apple sold at least 5 million iPhone 5 units during the first three days of its retail launch starting Sept. 21. With a slow start and strong finish to the quarter ending on Sept. 29, today we get estimates from 59 analysts predicting iPhone sales for Q4 courtesy of¬†Fortune. Apple is set to announce earnings for Q4 later this month on Oct. 25.

The average of the group is 26.3 million units, just slightly over the 26 million Apple sold in Q3 2012 (pros in blue, amateurs in green):

September 21 Stories August 19, 2012

Reminder: Apple’s Back to School program ends September 21 (why does that date ring a bell?)

Just a reminder: Apple’s Back to School promotion ends Sept. 21. That also happens to be the rumored next-gen iPhone launch date.¬†Coincidence?

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