Steve Kroft Stories October 26, 2011

Daily Show interview with Jobs Biographer Walter Isaacson [Video]

[vodpod id=Video.15608173&w=650&h=420&fv=] Here’s the Daily Show link for non-Flash and international (still has ads). “One guy made the Zune, another guy made the iPod”. Colbert talks about the book as well, below…

Steve Kroft Stories October 23, 2011

CBS makes full 60 Minutes Steve Jobs special available online

[youtube=] CBS has posted the full 60 Minutes program of the interview with Walter Isaacson, the author of ‘Steve Jobs’ — which is due out tomorrow (already available on iBookstore). Part 2 below, family life, competition and more.

Steve Kroft Stories October 20, 2011

60 Minutes preview with Walter Isaacson touches on cancer treatment

[youtube=] The blurb from CBS seems to eerily echo a Quora post by a Harvard Cancer Doctor Ramzi Anri that basically said that his cancer was mild and treatable but spread while he was trying to treat it holistically. While Mr. Jobs was trying all sorts of alternative [medicine] his tumor grew, and grew, and […]

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