January 11

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The latest drone flyover of Apple’s under construction Campus 2 headquarters in Cupertino arrives today showing recent progress at the site expected to officially open its doors early this year. The footage comes courtesy of drone pilot and YouTuber Matthew Roberts.

In the video, we can see that Apple has done a lot of cleaning up in recent weeks as it continues with landscaping and earthwork on the surrounding site. Apple expects to wrap up the landscaping work sometime in Q2 this year, according to its latest general project schedule, but it could begin moving in as early as later this month.  expand full story

January 9

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A report in November claimed that Apple was considering the possibility of entering the digital glasses market, as Snapchat recently did. Now, Robert Scoble, a popular blogger, claims that Apple is working with German optics company Carl Zeiss on its digital glasses.

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January 7

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The horrifying events at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport today saw five people dead, but one man claims that his MacBook Pro saved his life in the midst of the shooting. Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Steve Frappier explained that he was near the baggage claim area when he heard gunfire and fell to the floor to try and protect himself…

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January 5

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Accessory maker Henge Docks, best known for its docking stations made for MacBooks, announced today that it has signed up to be an official Apple reseller allowing it to offer Apple’s MacBooks and accessories bundled with its companion products.

In order to do this, Henge Docks has partnered with Apple through the company’s Authorized Business Solution Provider (ABSP) program.

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January 4

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Garmin has announced new versions of its Garmin Drive range of in-car satellite navigation devices, using Bluetooth connectivity to an iPhone or Android phone to provide additional functionality. Most are available in a choice of 5- and 6.95-inch models, somewhat confusingly indicated by 51 and 61 suffixes.

The entry-level Garmin Drive 51/61 adds free real-time services, such as live traffic, for select models when wirelessly paired with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. After pairing to a smartphone, drivers can also enjoy live parking information from Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking service provider. Parkopedia conveniently provides pricing and availability trends for on-street public parking as drivers approach a destination. Other real-time services such as LiveTrack allow drivers to share their location with friends – a useful feature to track family members or loved ones during a road trip.

Three additional models add further functionality and design features …

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January 3

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9to5Mac's Jeff Benjamin unboxes the LG 5K UltraFine for a hands-on ...
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When I decided the time had come to spend a lot of money on a shiny new MacBook Pro, I was tempted to get all the expense out of the way at once and upgrade displays at the same time. The problem is finding someone to take my money …

I currently use an Apple Thunderbolt Display in my home office, and with the simple addition of a Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter was able to continue doing so. It’s a great display for its time, but is showing its age a little. The screen is non-Retina and doesn’t compete with the brightness and color range of the 2016 MacBook Pro. The bezels also look rather large by today’s standards.

The display Apple would like me to buy as a replacement is the LG 5K UltraFine, but I have to say that it’s not really grabbing me …

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January 2

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Without a doubt, my favorite feature on any iPhone has always been the camera. It serves as more than good enough as a daily shooter, and new apps and accessories are being released everyday that help take that experience further. The first iPhone accessories I really got into, back when I had my iPhone 4, were wide-angle lenses and I still love them to this day. Recently I’ve been on the lookout for a lens for the iPhone 7 Plus to recommend for those just starting out with iPhone camera enhancements. I think I found the right product with the Aukey 120° wide-angle Ora Lens. Let’s take a look at what the lens can do for you and your iPhone photography…

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December 29, 2016

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Apple has long been rumored to be setting up a manufacturing presence in India, with a report most recently outlining some of the concessions Apple was seeking from the Indian government. Now, a new report from the Times of India claims that Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone in India in April of 2017, while the company has also posted a handful of job listings in the country.

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December 28, 2016

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Apple has long been working with the Indian government to set up retail locations in the country, a task that’s rather challenging due to stringent regulation in the country. Now, The Economic Times reports that one concession Apple is fighting for in India is related labeling laws so it doesn’t have to print product info on devices.

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Tim Cook was spotted today visiting the floor of the New York Stock Exchange where he was asked by CNBC about the recently launched (and backordered) AirPods. The Apple CEO described the new wireless earphones as “a run away success” and promised Apple is making more units “as fast as we can” when asked about supply constraints.

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December 23, 2016

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Consumer Reports yesterday dropped a bombshell on Apple, making the new MacBook Pro the first MacBook ever to not receive the publication’s recommendation. As for its reasoning, Consumer Reports explained that the inconsistent, yet sometimes impressive, battery life was too big of an issue to overlook.

Now, Apple Marketing executive Phil Schiller says that the company is working with Consumer Reports to “understand” the tests.

Working with CR to understand their battery tests. Results do not match our extensive lab tests or field data

That’s what’s so ironic about this: Consumer Reports reported a three and a half hour test on the MacBook Pro, which if you’ve used one like me, know is completely possible with some serious CPU-intensive tasks. But then again tested in the 18-19+ hour range which is totally unbelievable, even if just the screen was on. So if anything, this test is in Apple’s favor.

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Following reports that the Uber app appears to be tracking customer locations days or even weeks after their last ride, the company has issued an explanation. That statement also explains who some users were seeing the behavior while others weren’t.

The company says that it is not the app which is accessing location data, but rather the iOS Maps extension that some have chosen to activate …

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December 22, 2016

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Cellebrite has garnered attention over recent years for its specialization skills in cracking cellphone encryption and accessing data stored on devices. The company was originally believed to have been behind the unlocking method used by the FBI in the San Bernardino iPhone 5c, though later reports refuted that.

This evening, ZDNet has published a new report showing just how powerful Cellebrite’s tool is and just how important it is to protect yourself.

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December 21, 2016

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From 9to5Toys:

(Update 12/22 11:19am): This post has now been updated with loads more iOS/Mac productivity apps including Tweetbot and Day One, along with a long list of new games.

As usual at this time of year, just about every major app developer starts putting its best apps/games on sale for the holidays. We are even seeing massive year-end movie deals on iTunes. We are just days away from the price lock on the App Store, and we are already seeing a massive list of top-tier titles go on sale. This year’s list certainly leans heavily on the game side of things but we are seeing some great prices on productivity apps like Duet Displays, Home Design and more.

Head below for the year’s largest list of discounted iOS games/apps and be sure to check back over the course of the next few days as we will be updating this post as more titles pop-up: expand full story

December 20, 2016

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Twitter has used the Berlin Christmas market attack to test push notifications of breaking news alerts in its iOS app. Buzzfeed notes that the company appears to be aiming to reinvent itself as a news app as it recently switched category in the App Store from Social Media to News.

After a truck crashed into the Berlin Christmas market […] Twitter pushed a breaking news alert to some of its users that linked to Twitter’s Moments tab, which summarizes the news in tweets. The company did a similar thing when Fidel Castro died last month …

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Two senior government officials have said that Apple is ‘discussing with the Indian government the possibility of manufacturing its products in the country,’ reports the WSJ. Apple is said to be seeking financial incentives in order to proceed.

Apple has been trying for some time to open retail stores in India, plans which have been stymied by a government requirement to source 30% of products locally in order to be permitted to open single-brand stores. There have long been contradictory reports that Apple may or may not be granted an exemption.

The Indian market holds massive potential for Apple for two simple reasons …

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December 19, 2016

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As navigation apps such as Apple Maps become a more integral part of society, a variety of effects are starting to become apparent. A new report from The New York Times details how Google Maps played a role in a fatal accident in 2015 on railroad tracks in California:

Following directions from Google Maps on a smartphone last year, Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez turned a Ford truck, hauling a trailer, where he thought the app was telling him to go. But he ended up stuck on the railroad tracks at a poorly marked California crossing.

Soon after Mr. Sanchez-Ramirez abandoned the truck, a commuter train barreled into it, killing the engineer and injuring 32 others.

Following a nearly two-year long investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board is calling on companies such as Apple and Google to add the exact location of 200,000 grade crossings to their mapping data…

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