September 15

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September 13

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Update: Apple has released a statement saying that the following iOS 10 update issues should now be resolved:

We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability. The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help.

iOS 10 has just dropped but it seems like it is not smooth sailing for everyone. We have received many reports that users are finding their iPhone and iPad devices ‘bricked’ after attempting the over-the-air iOS 10 update. To restore, affected users must then plug their devices into iTunes on Mac or PC to restore the device.

Details are sparse at this time but the issue appears to be related to the fact that the OTA attempts to download iOS 10.0 and then iTunes updates to iOS 10.0.1. We are tracking the story and will update if we hear any more details about this issue.

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September 12

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While Ireland may not want the €13B ($15B) the EU says Apple owes in underpaid tax, it seems other European countries do. Germany’s DW reports from a summit of European finance ministers that at least four countries have ‘expressed an interest’ in claiming their share.

Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem appeared to be first in line, warning Apple on Saturday to “get ready” to pay up. His comment came after a two-day meeting of his EU counterparts in the Slovak capital, Bratislava […]

Other EU countries, including Austria, Italy and France, are following the case closely, and expressing interest in a possible payout, according to Austria’s Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling, who spoke on the sidelines of the two-day summit.

There is already precedent for such claims …

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September 8

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So you want the new iPhone 7 but it doesn’t have a headphone jack. No problem, it comes with Lightning EarPods in the box plus a Lightning to headphone jack adapter for your old headphones. But what if you like Lightning Audio but need to charge your iPhone 7 while using the headphones in the box or other Lightning headphones? Belkin has a solution for you, but it cost $40 and it’s not pretty.

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The Apple Watch Series 2 announcement isn’t earth shattering. Swim proof, built-in GPS, brighter display, faster chip, and same design. Most first-gen Apple Watch users will be satisfied with the speed gains that the watchOS 3 software update offers and won’t consider upgrading, and first time Apple Watch buyers will have a better experience with the new hardware and software from day one.

I’m hardly disappointed personally. I asked for a better sports watch and that’s what Apple delivered. The Series 2 message is so clearly targeted toward health and activity that it’s easy to miss features like Siri and Apple Pay!

It’s especially interesting to me that Apple actually introduced two new Apple Watch models: Series 1 and Series 2. The first-gen Apple Watch is dead. That’s absolutely the right thing to do even if it’s a new move for Apple and implies we were all beta testers for the original.

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September 7

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September 6

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September 1

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Well-respected British audio company Bowers & Wilkins clearly wants to be ready for the anticipated loss of the headphone socket in the iPhone 7: it has just announced a Bluetooth version of its P7 over-ear headphones.

We’re big fans of the company’s smaller on-ear P5 headphones, which made it into the holiday gift guide selections of both Jeremy and myself after the company launched a wireless version earlier in the year. This launch brings the same wireless freedom to the larger over-ear model …

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August 31

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August 30

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August 25

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Bloomberg reports that Apple is to go head-to-head with Snapchat and Instagram by developing its own video-sharing app as part of a push to target younger users. The company is said to said to be motivated by the fact that social apps generate the greatest level of engagement on the iPhone, Facebook users averaging 50 minutes a day, Snapchat users 30 minutes.

The goal behind the project’s development is to offer simple video editing with tools that appeal to the generation of users growing up with Snapchat and Instagram, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private […]

Apple’s current plan calls for its project to become a stand-alone app, presumably as a download via the App Store, but the company may decide to package the functionality into the iPhone’s existing camera application, the people said.

The focus will be on short, fun videos that are super-quick to create …

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August 23

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August 22

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August 19

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AT&T chairman Randall Stephenson will soon announce that a consortium of 33 companies, including Apple, AT&T, Google and Comcast are joining the FCC in an effort to crack down on phone call spam made by robots, according to Reuters. In the inaugural “Robocall Strike Force” meeting, the companies will announce their initial plans on how to stop US phone owners from receiving advertorial spam run by automated machines …

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August 17

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August 16

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August 15

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While we’re all looking forward to seeing new iPhones next month, it’s also possible we’ll get our first look at the second generation Apple Watch during the same Apple event. I still love my Apple Watch, but it’s just plain old in fast-paced technology terms.

Apple introduced the current Apple Watch almost two years ago at its September 2014 event where we also saw the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Remember all the hype? Then Apple gave the Apple Watch stage time once again at its March 2015 event before releasing it the following month. This year Apple could either update the Apple Watch soon or go into the holiday quarter with the same Apple Watch as last year.

I’ve considered the window closed for buying the current Apple Watch for a while now so I’m hoping we see an upgraded Apple Watch 2 in a few weeks. After more than a year with the first generation Apple Watch, there are plenty of improvements I’d love to see as well.

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August 12

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