OK, I've gone Android. Sort of.

I think I am a pretty good bellwether of what’s happening in the technology world.  I obviously love Apple products (but please don’t use the F word), so much so that I write about Apple products every day here on 9to5Mac.  I’d never consider giving up my MacBook Pro.  I love my iPad (almost as much as my kid does), I use an AppleTV (sometimes) and I’ve been an iPhone user since day one, hour one, minute one.  

I’m also a general technology/gadget head and I’ve been trying other platforms all of this time.  I have a few netbooks running Linux and Windows.  I have a BluRay player and Verizon Mifi and displays made by Dell and HP.   I have logitech keyboards and speakers and even a Microsoft Mouse.  My house is full of tech toys.

Would you really trust someone who only uses Apple products’ opinion on technology?

On phones, I’ve used Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices for work, I’ve owned Nokias (N95, N810) and been given test units of Palm Pres and even have a demo Microsoft Kin One on my desk.  I’ve never considered giving up my iPhone (which I’ve gladly paid for) for any of these.  Not for a second.

But recently, beginning with the Nexus One and culminating in the HTC EVO, I find myself using Android devices more than my iPhone.  In fact, my AT&T SIM is usually found in my Nexus One these days. (OK, a bad iPhone 4 beta 2 probably didn’t help that).

I’m sure a few of you on the fringe are deleting 9to5mac’s bookmark/feed at that statement but for the rest of you, let me share my thoughts on why I’m leaning this way.  

First of all, it isn’t entirely Apple’s fault.  AT&T happens to be particularly bad where I live and work. My EVO is on Sprint and works noticeably better for both data and voice calling.  No number of press releases and $ pledges from AT&T will change that.  To be fair, AT&T has given me a FemtoCell that works well

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