Remote desktop

The Mac Mojo Blog (otherwise known as the place where Microsoft Business Unit tells its Macintosh customers to wait just a bit longer) has made mention of an upcoming update.  The beta version of the Remote will be with us by the end of July according to poster CraigE.  

The current 1.03 version was released way back in 2004 – which was a pretty solid product (Remember it worked on Intel before Apple Remote Desktop :P).  What have they been doing during these last 3 years?  Big stuff!

“Like what,” you ask?  Well there is no mention of any new features but it will be a universal application so it will run a bit faster on Intel machines.

The first feature request that came to my mind was multiple sessions (like all other Remote Desktop clients).  Or how about VNC compatibility?  Or even better cutting and pasting between machines…I mean it has been 3 years right? I am not alone if you look at the comments section of the blog post.

In reality, this is just another example of Microsoft doing just enough to get by on the Mac platform but not enough to make their products as good as they are on the PC – which might make sense and be a good business model for Microsoft.  Will this change?  No.  Should you look elsewhere?  Yes.   

CoRDIf you really want a good Windows remote desktop, try an open source project like CoRD

I think commenter Harvy Dent  said it best:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:03 AM by Harvey Dent
# re: Coming soon


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